Fiercely devoted to your personal well-being and financial prosperity.

CAISSA Wealth Strategies is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With CAISSA, our clients receive financial leadership that incorporates all their financial pieces following a comprehensive and sustainable approach to wealth management. Our unique approach and fiercely devoted client commitment are what sets us apart.

We are fee-only, meaning our value is in our process, not a product. Our portfolio resilience and wealth management process includes torpedo proofing, the process of stress-testing financial plans so your retirement plan and lifestyle remain secure; tranches of income, allocating future withdrawal needs to avoid potentially disruptive market dips; and on-site investment due diligence where we personally travel, meet, and qualify our managers to CAISSA’s standards.

CAISSA’s wealth management team is your personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and trusted advisor. Our mission is to remove the worry and stress associated with financial planning and replace it with clarity and confidence. We take the time to understand your unique situation, from your financial concerns to the visions you have for your loved ones, in order to create your customized plan. Through consistent communication and personal attentiveness, we guide you with your prosperity at the top of our minds.

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Named After the Roman Goddess of Chess

CAISSA [ky-suh]

Chess is a game of comprehensive strategies and well-thought-out plans. To truly prosper, you must not only understand the fundamentals of the game but you must control the pieces, plays, and squares. Similarly, people have many complex pieces on their financial board of life. With CAISSA you are no longer a player in the game relying on luck and good fortune, instead, you own your financial and personal board of life by strategically controlling every piece and moves 10 steps in advance.

With our team as your advisor, you will find we are fiercely devoted to your financial prosperity so you can be fully devoted to your personal wellbeing. We execute smart strategies thoroughly, making our clients’ retirement visions a reality.

CAISSA Wealth Strategies – a Fee-only financial and investment advisory firm

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