Educational Videos

Videos about CAISSA’s process and what we offer

Our collection of videos explain our process and approach for portfolio resistance and wealth management as well as insight on key financial planning strategies. Our educational videos present complex financial details crucial to your financial success in a convenient and easy to understand manner. We make it simple to gain clarity about your financial situation and confidence in CAISSA’s process.

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Caissa Wealth Strategies – a Fee-only financial and investment advisory firm

At Caissa, we approach investment and financial planning like chess, always thinking 10 steps ahead. Learn how we integrate all of the complex pieces on your financial board of life to maximize your full potential.

Expect More…What makes Caissa different?

At Caissa, our value is in our process. Learn how our Torpedo Proofing, tranches of income and investment due diligence set us apart from other advisors.

Caissa’s ‘Torpedo Proofing’ process

“Torpedoes” are toxic financial events that can derail your retirement vision. Watch this video to learn how Caissa “torpedo proofs” retirement plans for clients.

Caissa’s financial planning process

Our CFP® team takes great pride in our approach to financial planning. Watch this video to learn how we develop, stress test and continually adjust your financial plan to make sure you’re on the right path.

Is your retirement vision ‘Torpedo Proof?’

You have a vision for your retirement, and there are usually torpedoes, or unpredictable financial events, lurking that may derail that vision. Learn how Caissa finds and dismantles these torpedoes making your retirement vision “Torpedo Proof.”

Tranches of Income

Worried about your cash flows in retirement? Or about how your investment portfolio will react to market volatility? Watch this video to find out how Caissa’s “Tranches of Income” strategy helps alleviate these concerns.

Why having an Investment Advisor adds value

Letting emotions, particularly fear and greed, dictate your investment decisions can be harmful to your financial future. Learn how Caissa’s thorough due diligence process helps clients avoid making impulsive decisions fueled by emotions.

What is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)?

When it comes to managing your finances, you can do it yourself or work with a broker, financial advisor, or an RIA like Caissa. Learn about what makes an RIA different in this video.

Your digital footprint – often missed in estate planning!

Your digital footprint – online accounts like banking log-ins, credit cards and bill pay – may leave you vulnerable to identity theft or hacking at death.  Learn about what you can do now to help plan for and reduce this risk.

Reduce your investment gains tax bill

To help our clients mitigate their tax bill, we use the strategy called “tax loss harvesting.” Watch this video to find out why selling your investments at a loss can be a good thing.