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CAISSA Wealth Service Associate


Caissa Wealth Strategies serves affluent clients in their wealth management needs. We focus on financial planning, starting with the tax return, which drives our detailed investment management strategies. Our best client is the one who allows us to get into every detail of their financial future, integrate that detail and plan multiple steps ahead. Our Torpedo Proofing and Tranches of Income processes set CAISSA apart from other advisors, providing our clients the structure to make it through retirement in any market environment (check them out on our website!). Clients hire CAISSA to remove their financial anxieties by taking on the role of their personal CFO.

Our firm has grown rapidly and we are looking to welcome a wealth Associate to the team. As a Service Associate, you would be responsible for office administrative duties.

Email your resume to Kelly@caissawealth.com



CAISSA team members have these fundamental characteristics:


Independent Thinker: You are a team player that is able to think independently, bringing your critical thinking/analysis back to the team. You enjoy high-level direction but don’t need to be instructed every step of the way.

Relationships: You thrive on developing relationships and creating good outcomes. You are able to communicate confidently but empathetically to deepen relationships with colleagues as well as clients.

Appreciation: You love to connect with your co-workers and have a laugh with them while getting the work accomplished at the same time. Knowing when to pause for some personal connection yet put your nose to the grindstone is a strength of yours. You thrive on appreciation but do not need it constantly to succeed. Confidence is a strength that allows you to absorb direct feedback and direction, turning it into something constructive.

Utility Player: You enjoy learning, change, growth and opportunity. You thrive in a smaller environment where you can make a strong stamp on the future and also be part of building it. Corporate world is likely too regimented for you and you like to be part of the decision-making. Often you may wear multiple hats to drive the cause forward even if it’s not a primary function of your role.

Greater Good: You understand the vision of CAISSA and want to do anything to project that forward. The clients need us to look out for their best interest, ALWAYS. This may mean working on a client a few more hours, spending time connecting with them on issues and always going beyond their expectations so that we are providing an unmatched level of service.





Opening the Office Monday through Thursday 8 – noon

  • Preparing the front office for the day, printer upkeep and break room amenities.
  • Ordering supplies
  • Conference room preparation (computer, screens, lunches ordered)

Daily Administrative

  • Answering phone, scheduling meetings, checking the uploads to our shared filing system
  • Entering CE hours for licensing
  • Team meeting agenda upkeep/printing
  • Checking CRM dashboards
  • CRM data entry

Administrative Projects:

  • Client gifts sent and tracked
  • Paperwork project
  • CRM organization project
  • Client electronic file project





The main responsibilities would include (but are not limited to):

  • Administrative support of our CRM, electronic files and office management
  • Support the operations team
  • Manage CRM organizational projects.

The Service Associate has the following knowledge and skill sets:

  • Preferably experience Salesforce CRM
  • Shares in the CAISSA values and team culture and is driven to deliver excellence.
  • Proficient in office suite (mainly word and excel).
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment and open to learning
  • Excels with organizational tasks, lists and prompt attention to tasks.