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Resources to teach financial lessons at any age

With the fall season underway, many families are back to their school year routines.

We know that good money and budgeting habits are essential to navigating life, but many schools don’t cover these topics. As your children and grandchildren start a new school year, now is a good opportunity to introduce important financial lessons fit for their age.

Here is a list of curated resources that provide helpful tips and lessons as your children grow. 

Money rules for every age – Schwab MoneyWise provides basic money guidelines for all ages, beneficial for preschoolers to adults. Tips include being open about family finances, helping kids set tangible goals and encouraging them to track their spending.  

The five most important money lessons to teach your kids – This Forbes article breaks down simple financial lessons by age range, so there’s an approach available whether your son or daughter is three years old or 25 years old.

Introducing kids to investing – Investing is an important topic, but it can feel difficult to approach with children. This Schwab MoneyWise article provides a simple way to introduce it to kids.

Planning for kids going to college – Going off to college is a big step financially. This one-pager provides steps to financial success in college that both parents and children can reference.

Planning for the recent college graduate – When many students graduate, it’s the first time they will be completely responsible for their finances. This one-pager details the key beginning steps to financial security.


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