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March’s Note from Caissa

Fresh Starts

As we have turned the corner into March we start thinking about Spring Cleaning and starting fresh!

Going into the end of the year we made a huge push for client meetings, tax loss harvesting (check out what we were doing!) and investment re-balancing (Why we are doing it and what we are buying!).

The seeds we planted then, will start to come to fruition as you start to submit your tax returns and get your performance reports at the quarter end.

While I may have been away from our physical office with our newest addition, Tommy, I wasn’t far from our clients’ investments.  December and January were actually quite busy for us and is when our role as your advisor for tax planning shows its worth. So if you see the taxable income on your tax return from our accounts looks muted, it’s on purpose! It was careful planning on our part to keep your taxes low.

In regards to investment re-balancing, we are taking our growth from the start of the year and re-positioning it – starting fresh!

Here is our personal ‘fresh start’… our Tommy.  Our newest blessing that keeps life real and us focused on that delicate balance of work, life, planning and living.  It is a line we help clients, and ourselves, to walk every single day.

We can create the most articulate of plans, but making them flexible to maneuver with what life throws at us is the art of what we do and why you have us by your side.

Happy Spring!

Kelly, Julie, Denise and Merissa

P.S. Don’t forget to click on the links to find out more about what we have been doing!