Market Update: November

November 29, 2017

Chart of the Week: Unemployment is still declining as wages are inflating (albeit at a bit slower pace – see below).  Wage inflation is one of the leading indicators of […] READ MORE >

Reduce Your Investment Gains Tax Bill

November 21, 2017

You might be thinking this is imposssible…but there is a strategy that prudent and attentive advisors use called “Tax Loss Harvesting”. Caissa helps reduce the amount clients owe for taxes […] READ MORE >

Expect More!

September 28, 2017

Expect More with Caissa! Our value at Caissa is in our process….not a product. Clients can Expect More when working with Caissa! Caissa wealth provides a client-focused financial services, with […] READ MORE >

Financial Planning Philosophy

August 28, 2017

Written by Kelly S. Olson Pedersen, CFP®, CDFA                 Something that we often hear when we start working with a new client is […] READ MORE >

Caissa’s Tranches of Income

July 28, 2017

At Caissa, our philosophy to wealth management incorporates withdrawal timeframes, or “tranches” to plan ahead for market dips.  We are told by our clients that this process is incredibly helpful […] READ MORE >

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